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Lesiba Kwenaite

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    The project aims to make this village an educated village that will be self reliant. The project aims at educating youth in the village that will in turn educate the whole village – “Be wise and make others wise”
    This project aims to educate the village in this way:
    From beginning of the year, the Grade 12 learners come to school in the morning at 07h00. During this time I teach them. This enables me as a teacher to complete the syllabus in the middle of the term every two years.
    Learners under this project come to school on every Saturday from January every year until they are done with their examinations. This also helps me as a teacher to complete the year syllabus earlier than I planned.
    According to this project, Grade 12 learners in particular need to attend classes during school holidays where I teach in the morning from 08h00 – 11h00. After 11h00 learners will have their individual study or group discussion. When learners do this, I supervise them.
    As from term two each year, Grade 12 learners are engaged in a supervised evening study monitored by myself. The evening study starts every time at 05h00 and ends at 10h00. When examination starts every year learners – Grade 12 in particular continues with morning studies and evening studies.
    When examinations start, I call all the Grade 12 learners to wake them up to study and prepare themselves for the paper of the day. (This starts from 03h00 in the morning). All these activities above have improved the Grade 12’s results enormously.
    I started this project in 2011 after our school got poor Grade 12 results in 2010. The school got 49% pass rate in 201, after introducing my project the school results started to improve. The results were as follow: 2010 – 49% pass rate; 2011 – 59.7% pass rate; 2012 – 84.7%pass rate; 2013 – 94.5 % pass rate and for this year (2014) we are estimating a 100% pass rate.
    As the name of the project – “Be Wise and make others wise”, I also provide the sound system instruments to the community when they have gatherings without charging them a cent.
    I am helping the community with the sound system during the funerals and parties. I also provide this sound system to the school during the Grade 12 farewell functions that the school hosts every year, since 2011.
    The number of matriculants in our community (Sodoma/Treves) has increased since the introduction of “Be wise and make others wise” project.
  • What made you start this Project?

    The poor pass rate of Grade 12 results in 2010 (49%). These poor results forced me to come up with this project. In 2010 the Induna of this village passed on. On the day of his burial, not everybody could hear what the people on the programme said – because there was too many people. I realised that I need to make a difference, so I then decided to buy the sound system to help communities but the Sodoma Community in particular.
  • What portion of the community have you impacted through your project?

    The whole community where I am teaching is benefitting. Many children have completed their Grade 12 and many are not at tertiary institutions. Such children praise the project. As for the sound system, the whole community is benefitting from this as I am not charging them anything. All burials are of high esteem in our community.
  • What challenges have you faced with your project?

    Shortage of classrooms for learners on Saturdays and holidays. On these days I teach all learners in the nearby schools. Lack of resources such as laptops, data projectors, white boards etc is serious physical instruments challenges. Shortage of funds to buy airtime to call learners during exam times, shortage of foods for learners on Saturdays and holidays. Shortage of electricity in the classrooms.
  • How did you overcome those Challenges?

    For shortage of classrooms, I requested classrooms in the Primary school and as a result on Saturdays and Holidays I teach learners in the primary school. For shortage of laptops, I use my own to prepare and teach these learners. For me to be able to phone these learners, I buy airtime thrice a week so that I can have free minutes to call them. Our accommodation in the Primary School has temporarily solved the electricity problem – as they have electricity in all the classes.
  • What have you achieved through your project?

    High pass rate at our school and the neighbouring schools. Entertaining gatherings because of the availability of the sound system. I have not raised any money with this project before, I have received a verbal recognition during an annual grade 12 farewell function from the community.
  • Have you raised money through partnerships for your projects?