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    1st public school in the country to bridge the digital divide, scrapped printed text for e-books, every learner with a tablet, e-lessons, blended learning......
  • What made you start this Project?

    Text book woes in SA! Cost of printed text books!
    Passionate about effecting +ve change in education!
  • What portion of the community have you impacted through your project?

    The entire province! The MEC wants to use our model as the blue print for the entire province!
  • What challenges have you faced with your project?

    Connectivity issues hence our adoption of an off-line e-learning model
    Poor quality of tablets not robust enough for the school environment
  • How did you overcome those Challenges?

    We created a wi-fi hotspot of the entire school and offer e-lessons, resources etc. via intranet ie. offline
    Sourced better tablets at affordable prices
  • What have you achieved through your project?

    Learners are keen to attend class, school is far more interesting. The 200 year old model of teaching has been adapted to suit the needs of the 21st century learner.
  • Have you raised money through partnerships for your projects?