Chokoe Phaphama Joseph

Chokoe Phaphama Joseph

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    The project aims at taking ICT to pre-school kids through their Practitioners. I have realized that computer education inception normally is focused on primary and secondary learners and their educators respectively, neglecting the foundation (toddlers). If ICT has to be fully integrated in our education system, it should start at grassroots level i.e. with kids at the lowest level, which I consider to be toddlers or kids before primary schooling.

    This is one of the gap I have identified and needs to be filled, of which one way of doing this is to literate the ECD Practitioners who actually prepare these kids towards their primary education, hence this project. It is my zeal and ambitions to see this happening in pre-schools. My project is targeting your institution Swarishanang Creche.

    I will be helping amongst other things, creation of learning programs using ICT and also offering workshops to the practitioners and engaging kids on practical activities using laptop, cellphone, camera and other accessibly relevant resources. Moreover, Swarishanang is situated in rural area, which is why, a great target for my project. To me any company or institution that needs to develop ICT in schools, should start at rural areas, because they are mostly disadvantaged group of people.
  • What made you start this Project?

    Lack of ICT knowledge by Swarishang Creche Practioners, which to me is a hazard to the practice as they day to day interact with very important and confidential documents relative to their professional attributes. Therefore i saw it fit to introduce them to the world of ICT, more especially we live in an advanced technological society. This will also help the kids to interact with technology at an early stage of their education via these practitioners.
  • What portion of the community have you impacted through your project?

    creche kids(Toddlers), Their Teachers(Practitioners) and me as an individual even families of the impacted communities as stipulated.
  • What challenges have you faced with your project?

    Most of the Practitioners were illiterate and also lack of resources contributed negatively so towards my project
  • How did you overcome those Challenges?

    by being patient and considerate to the lack of ICT knowledge they showed and by using my own personal resources(Printer,Projector,Laptops,Digital Camera,etc)
  • What have you achieved through your project?

    1. I managed to developthe love of ICT in both kids and their practitioners.
    2. These practitioners are now computer literate and ICT anxiety-free.
    3. Quality in professional deliverance to the community by members of the creche (swarishanang).
    4. Usage of technological resources by the staff at ease.
    5. Since the inception of ICT in this creche, they managed to minimise the cost of doing things from outside.Moreover, they are now able to save time in completing their daily administrative task using the skills gained from the project.
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