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  • Project Name

  • Project Discription

    The project assist learners in grade 10-11-12 to access digital content using social sites with the involvement of their parents and the community
  • What made you start this Project?

    Community members dominate the social network and they are mostly involved in various discussions which are not benefiting the community so i started a Facebook page and a blog which engage on content that involves all members of the community but also benefiting the learners and making the community to positively use the social site to track and encourage the learners and also to advice them on the developments of the content
  • What portion of the community have you impacted through your project?

    The parents and the youth who have their children brothers and sisters participating in the project by positively using their mobile phones for a good course and exploring the use of content which is education based by parents and changed their understanding of social networks
  • What challenges have you faced with your project?

    Demand of the use of mobile phones for learning made me realize that there is poor network in the area for access,some parents and community members does not have devices.Some devices are not compatible with the latest technology
  • How did you overcome those Challenges?

    I created a timetable to allow learners to bring their own devices to share with others,Pairing those who do not have the devices with those who have for access at home and i identified parents with smart devices to assist others in the community to access the content and the school Facebook page
  • What have you achieved through your project?

    The project has archived digital literacy to the community,collaboration skills,communication skills which led to an international trip to Sweden by some of the learners and intensifying the use of digital systems by their parents and the community to track their visit in Sweden
  • Have you raised money through partnerships for your projects?