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    Katleho Pele Education in translation "Success First, Success Forward ". An organization passionate about  transforming young people through Education. Thus far the organisation, Katleho Pele Education (KPEdu) which I founded in 2006, has produced a top student of Soweto in 2010 who obtained 100% in maths and 95% in physics, in 2011 a learner started with an average of 50% in June, enrolled at KPE  she obtained 5 distinctions and 2 B symbols, in 2012 a grade 12 learner obtained 80% in Maths from a 26% in grade 11. Our Objective is to Make Mathematics Easy. We ensure that we bring opportunities to many young people ( opportunities such as Bursaries, Career Days and Applying to different Universities. Kalteho Pele Educations Teaches in Townships and Rural Areas.
  • What made you start this Project?

    I attended a high school in Soweto, my Maths teacher was involved in a car accident, when i was in grade11. We didn't have a maths teacher for some time, i then decided to take initiative by teaching my fellow classmates, which later lead to having afternoon sessions , to finally establishing a winter school. the winter school itself was open to neighboring schools. Seeing the impact that it had , this propelled me to continue teaching young people to achieve a dream regardless of the status quo.
  • What portion of the community have you impacted through your project?

    To create positive change I motivate young people to embrace success and this is why in my organisation KPE, I offer mentorship programmes, life skills and interview.
    Furthermore; I offered motivational talks and have also volunteered as a role model for mathematics were I coached and motivated high school learners in grade 8-12 in 2013 hosted by the National Research Foundation (NRF). This year I will be launching Kasi Edu , an online platform that will help many learners to access past papers, tests and prelim examinations. University and Technikons information. Creating access for many to have the opportunity to suceed beyond limits. The 21st century has moved to techno and many young people are connected so best bring KasiEdu as a catalyst to their dreams.
  • What challenges have you faced with your project?

    When the learners in Giyane read about Katleho Pele Education in the Newspaper, they came with it in class nd shared it with the teacher. The teacher Mam Chauke was inspired by the work and she requested that I come to Giyane but the challenge at the time is how do we get there?
  • How did you overcome those Challenges?

    The learners in Giyane began to start calling me, asking me to come through because they too believe they can achieve better marks in their Maths and Science. We began to fund-raise by selling T-shirts and food. I was fortunate to have a radio interview and luckily one of the listeners was able to donate funds to help us and we were able to also get transportation from Gauteng to Giyane by MTN. We arrived in July and started our 8th Winter School. We Returned in Spring for the last revision sessions and also in partnership with MTN we were able to give 150 learners brand new school shoes, so that they too can walk like success. The school achieved a 77 percent pass rate. this year we are returning to ensure that we increase the pass rate.
  • What have you achieved through your project?

    Mail and Guardian Top 200 Young South Africans (2013)   
    ·         World Economic Forum, Global Shaper (2014)   
    ·         Top 100 Brightest Young Minds in South Africa (2013)                    
    ·         Youth Village Top 30 Inspirational Young People in South Africa, 2013
    ·         Wits Education Student Council Chairperson (2014/15)  
    ·         African Leadership Academy, Advisory Board Student Enterprise Programme                                                      
    ·         Selection Committee for the TOP 100 Brightest Young Minds, South Africa (2014)                                                
    ·         One Young World Ambassador (2013)
  • Have you raised money through partnerships for your projects?


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